Assessment of chest organ motion in external beam radiotherapy

Assessment of chest organ motion in external beam radiotherapy

Veronica James
Australian National University,  Germany


Katie L. Stone, Ph.D. is Senior Scientist at California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute. As an epidemiologist with over 25 years of experience designing and directing multi-center research studies, her research is focused on the health consequences of disturbed sleep in older adults. In particular, she has published on the relationship of objective and subjective sleep disturbance and risk of falls, cognitive and functional impairment, cardiovascular disease and mortality. Dr. Stone is Principal Investigator of the Outcomes of Sleep Disorders in Older Men (MrOS Sleep) Study and the Changes in Sleep and Cognition in Older Women (SOF Sleep and Cognition) Study. Together, these projects have measured actigraphy in more than 6000 and in-home polysomnography in more than 3000 older adults. She also directs the Data Coordinating Center for the Multi-Center Trial of Limiting PGY2&3 Resident Work Hours on Patient Safety.


insomnia, parasomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, hypersomnia, narcolepsy